25� Year - 5� Time - 28/10/2021
History and legends

QUEEN LUPA AND SAINT-JAMES The legend of Gallaic Queen Lupa and Saint-James comes from the late and difficult Lands End´s chistianizing period.
THE MONTE NEME AND THE WOLFRAM MINING The Galician Wolfram mining exploitations were disputed between Nazis and Allied agents during the II World War.
THE WHALING IN COSTA DA MORTE In the XIII century whales were already chased in the Galician coasts.
The hunting was done by throwing a harpoon from a small ship. Caion, Malpica, Camelle, Cee and Fisterra were the main whaling harbours.
THE TRABA The Traba were one of the pillars of the Galician Kingdom.
Traba´s decadence meant first Galician Kingdom´s fall in the benefit of Castile and Leon.

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