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From A Coruña

Take the AC-552. To visit Malpica you must reach Carballo and take the AC-442. To visit Ponteceso from the AC-442 take the detour towards Buño. At Ponteceso follow the AC-430 and you'll reach Laxe and Cabana. From here continue on the AC-430 until Baio and you'll return to the AC-552. From here you can take the AC-404 that goes to Zas (on the way to Santiago) or continue towards Cee. From this point, to visit Fisterra, take the detour on the AC-445; If you would like to visit Carnota and Muros you must take the AC-550 from Cee.

From Santiago de Compostela to Fisterra

Leave the capital Santiago via the AC-404 towards Portomouro (14 kilometres). From here turn left and continue on the AC-404 until you reach Santa Comba (19 kilometres). In this location you must take the AC-400 towards A Pereira (7.5 kilometres). Next exit A Pereira via the AC-441 until Berdoias (22 kilometres). From this point in the Dumbría district you must take the AC-552 towards Cee (17 kilometres). Now get on to the AC-445 to continue towards Corcubión (1.6 kilometres) until you reach FIsterra (12.7 kilometres).

From Santiago de Compostela to the North (Carballo)

Exit via the AC-404 towards Portomouro (14 kilometres). Go straight on and continue on the AC-1914 that leads to Carballo. (31.6 kilometres).

From Santiago de Compostela to the South (Muros)

Take the AC-543. Just before getting to Albariza (32.7 kilometres) the road divides. Take a right via the AC-311 towards Serra de Outes until you reach the AC-550 that goes to Muros (33.8 kilometres) through the coast.

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