23º Year - 5ª Time - 17/01/2019
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28 November 1596
20 ships of the Spanish Armada fleet collapsed in a violent storm in the entrance of the Corcubion creek, causing 1.706 deads. The disaster happened eight years after the famous Invincible Armada´s disaster, when the Spaniards tried to invade England.

7 September 1870
HMS Captain English battleship crash against the Centolo rock. 482 people die. This is the biggest known accident in the modern times.

25 August 1878
English merchant Bitten shipwrecks in the night against the Centolo. 10 of the 12 sailors die drown.

19 June 1882
The English merchant Sunrise collapses in the reefs of Fisterra. A sailor and his two twelve year-old children save 33 sailors.

31 June 1903
Collision in front of Cape Fisterra among the Swedish ship Svtpord and the English Tang Castle. All the Swedish crew die.

1 June 1907
Because of the fog, the English cargo Denewell crashes against the Carraca´s rock near the Mar de Fora beach.
12 June 1932
In military maneuvers, the Spanish Armada ship Blas de Lezo touches the Centolo´s reefs and shipwrecks some minutes later.

31 March 1951
The rough ocean breaks the cables of Dutch tug Hudson and the English ship Ulster Duke is destroyed against the Bufadoiro´s rock. There is only a survivor.

5 December 1987
The merchant Cason collapses in the Rostro beach with a non-identified toxic substances shipment. 23 crew men died intoxicated. The towns of Fisterra, Corcubion and Cee are evacuated with breathing and cutaneous affections among the inhabitants.

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