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Galician pottery´s most important center

Ancient pottery tradition

Buño Pottery

Buño is settled on clay grounds most unprofitable for agricultural work. Anyway, this disadvantage has propitiated the development of an important economic activity closely linked to the pottery: its clay´s great quality has been the key to Buño become the most prestigious center of popular ceramic in Galicia.

The development of this pottery industry has been remarkable: starting from the traditional process, some potters have begun to experience with modern forms. However, Buño´s ceramic is still characterized for its dark and glazing colour, decorated with fine paintbrush work. The most popular articles are those of traditional use such as the ornament plates, viradeiras (omelette kit), chocolateiras (to melt chocolate), etc.

Highest lands of Bergantinos


Near Buño, in the parish of Cambre, the broken cliffs descend abruptly to the ocean, making a welcoming contrast with the unknown and small beaches of San Miro, Os Rias, As Torradas and A Pradeira.

From these quiet beaches the mythical Monte Neme rises 383 meters up to the sky. In its summit there was a cromlech called Eira das Meigas (witches´ land) that was recently destroyed because of the wolfram mines activity. However there is an excellent view from the top of the Monte Neme (Sacred Mountain, as the name in old galician Celtic language means). It offers a great panorama of the coastline from Cape Prior to Corme, the lands of Carballo, Malpica, the Sisargas Isles as well as the natural area of Baldaio.


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