23º Year - 5ª Time - 16/02/2019
O Pindo
High Celtic Olympus

Home of old Galician deities

O Pindo

O Pindo village fits along the narrow coastal line traced by earth and ocean. San Pedro´s beach and a small sheltered harbour are next to the houses. Next to O Pindo, in Quilmas, the Normans repaired their damaged ships in their warring incursions through Galicia.

The Monte Pindo is considered the Galician Celtic Olympus for its foggy legend. Its rough relief is covered with mysterious and fantastic shapes with thousands of pink granite rocks. When travelling in Galicia, Father Sarmiento heard that Pindo´ herbs healed most of the illnesses, and that people practiced there fertility rites.

Even though the Pindo´s inaccessibility made people believe that Galician gods lived in its foggy summit, its labyrinthine rocks were refuge for the republican guerilla during and after the Spanish War of 1936.

Place of great natural beauty


Reaching 641 mt. high above Corcubion´s creek, the panoramic Monte Pindo looks out over the Lands´ End. On clear days, the Pindo mountain reflects the daylight in diverse colours from pink to gray.

The Monte Pindo´s natural area has got its marine complement in the cascade of Ezaro, one of the most spectacular places in all Galicia. Ezaro is the only place in Europe where a river falls in a cascade into the ocean.


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