23º Year - 5ª Time - 18/01/2019
Marriage of the river Xallas and the Atlantic Ocean

Mythical Dumbria battlefield


The placename Dumbria denotes the existence of an important settlement in the area, as the old Galician Celtic language word Dunn indicates. Benito Vicetto points out in Dumbria, in his Historia de Galicia of 1865, the mythological battle between Celtigo and Noerio, first Galicians´ chieftains. The fight was sung and exalted by Bard Eduardo Pondal:

End of the river Xallas

O Pindo

The baroque Buxantes´ church (whose tower was built by the same author of the Clock Tower´s in Santiago´s Cathedral) is the beginning of the road that follows the river Xallas, coming from Mazaricos and Santa Comba, to its spectacular encounter with the Atlantic Ocean.

At the foot of the Monte Pindo´s granitic rocks, the small village of Santa Uxia precedes a panoramic point from where it is enjoyed one of the nicest landscapes in the Lands´ End: the dammed Xallas, the Pindo mountains, and the union of the river with the sea.

Finally, the river Xallas melts in the Atlantic Ocean in a fall of 100 mts., and is a unique natural scene in Europe, described by Father Sarmiento in its Viaje a Galicia in 1745. The titanic waterfall, which has carved a 16 mts. deep hole, and can only be seen in rare occasions when Santa Uxia water reservoir doors are open.


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