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Legendary Nerios´ capital

A wild paradise


New Duio village lies at the foot of the Cabo da Nave, geographically the most western cape in Galicia, which has been witness of countless shipwrecks. In the hillsides of the Cabo da Nave, in the mountains of Veladoiro and Pion still stands a 8 meters high menhir and there is also an important cromlech near the summit. Three kilometers to the north, communicated by narrow footpaths, there is the spectacular Celtic settlement of Ponta do Castelo; it is an interesting example of marine fortification, adventurously fit in the top of a high cliff. The old village was defended of possible attacks by the incessant oceanic whirls.

The legendary lands of Duio have got a rich natural variety for leisure in three beaches. The Langosteira´s calm waters beach is the meeting point for vacationers in Fisterra. On the other side of the peninsula, the remote and paradisiac small beach of Arnela is inserted among broken cliffs. Also solitary and open toward the Atlantic, the long beach of Rostro forms a rich dunes ecosystem. People in the region say about the Rostro´s Sea:

Sea of Rostro,
if you married,
you´d become soft.

The old Dugium city

Rostro Beach

The Galician oral tales tradition is supported by the descriptive legacy written by the Roman geographers: people still remember the old origin of this settlement and the pagan beliefs of its inhabitants. There was once in this place the city of Dugium, the cosmopolitan and commercial capital of the Nerios, a Celtic tuath that lived in the west of the Costa da Morte. A natural disaster, attributed to divine causes, flooded and destroyed the city that never recovered its preponderance. Some important archaeological discoveries from the Celtic and the Galician-Suevic kingdom period were found in new Duio village.


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