23º Year - 5ª Time - 17/02/2019
Powerful industrial city

Historical Land´s End´s harbour


Cee has been an important city since the XV century because of its sheltered harbour and its economical activity based in whale hunting. At present time, Cee´s economy is linked to an alloying factory, main heavy industry in the district.
Very few important buildings of the old seafaring village are left since the town was set on fire by the napoleonic troops in 1809. The most relevant artistic architecture are the Casa do Coton of the XVIII century, and the Santa Maria de Xunqueira parochial Church.

Cee is the biggest town in Fisterra´s region and has got consequently good access to the main tourist centers of Corcubion, Muxia, Fisterra and the beaches of Estorde, Carnota and Lires.



Cee was homeland of two illustrious men: Domingos de Andrade, who built the Santiago Cathedral´s Clock Tower, and Fernando Blanco Lema, who inaugurated in 1886 one of the most advanced schools of his time. The foundation building contains different important collections (shells, first century inventions...) as well as paintings from reknown artists.


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