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From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance


The establishment of the Suevic germanics in Galicia was rather significant in this district, as the place names of Gundar, Gontalde, Ramilo or Zas indicates. From medieval ages still remains the bridge of Brandomil located in a beautiful site in the river Xallas, uniting the lands of Mazaricos and Santa Comba.

Excellent examples of Galician civil architecture are the church and the Torres de Allo, one of the oldest pazos in Galicia and old property of Rioboo´s clan. The two rectangular towers are influenced by Portuguese manuelino style from the XVI century. Another interesting manor house is the Casa de Romelle, which conserves a battlement tower and a nice fountain, cross and chapel inside its defense walls.

Linen rural industry´s museum


Linen and wool were used in Galicia from immemorial times until they were substituted by the cotton in the XIX century. The linen industry was wealth for Galician rural economy, and especially in Soneira lands.

The linen fields cultivated in this district remind us this old tradition that still survives still in several Zas´ parishes like Carreira or Baio. In A Cacharoza village, there is a museum of the traditional linen techniques. The linen history in Soneira can be better known visiting the Batans do Mosquetin, in the river Grande, one of linen working typical centers.

Soneira, important megalithic area

Torres do Allo

The heart of a mix of different Galician tribes, and mainly Soneira region , is characterized by its remarkable megalithic wealth. Dated between the IV and III millennium b.C., they conserve in Baio Pedra Vixia´s dolmen and the Arca da Piosa in Muino. Inspired by this last one, Eduardo Pondal sang to Galician hero Brandomil:

O valiente Brandomil,
Saido da gentil e boa raza
Dos Celtas, repousa ali.

Oh!, brave Brandomil,
Born from the noble race
Of the Celts, you rest there.

Among the numerous dolmens spared by Gandara, Meanos and Mira, the one of Bermello, in Lamas´ parish, has become famous being found there a unique stone axe which is completely identical to those of the American megalithic.


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