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Court of the Moscoso de Altamiras

Main megalithic region in Galicia

Castillo de Vimianzo

Vimianzo is extraordinarily rich in megalithic culture´s vestiges:

The Casona de Berdoias, also called Casona dos Mouros, is a perfectly conserved dolmen used as a refuge by the shepherds. It is 3 mt. long.

Bainas´ Casa dos Mouros or Pedra da Arca, between Vimianzo and Dumbria, is one of the most interesting dolmens in Galicia. It has got a corridor of 7 mt. long and a cover of 12 tons weight.

Pedra Cuberta´s dolmen in Arxomil, Treos, is 6 mts long. It is one of the main megaliths in the south of Europe because of extraordinary pictorial decoration in it.

Other important dolmens are the ones from Serramo and Pedra Moura in Monte Carneo.

Court of the Moscosos

Batáns de Mosquetín

Vimianzo´s castle is one of the best conserved Galician fortresses. Built in the XIII century, it was the main constructions of the powerful Moscoso clan. It was seriously damaged in the Irmandinos´ war, but it was quickly repared becoming prison for Moscoso´s enemies Diego de Muros and Archbishop Alonso de Fonseca II. The castle is nowadays both an interesting ethnographic museum and headquarters of the Asociacion Neria for the Costa da Morte´s economic and cultural development.

These lands have got other important architectural monuments as the XVIII century Trasariz manor house, ancient property of the Caamanos, clan from the Galician-Suevian Kingdom times. Other constructions are Bainas´ church, mentioned in Urraca de Traba testament in 1199; Serramo´s church, which keeps the oldest silver cross in Galicia from the XII century, and Tines´ church, where they discovered an important medieval necropolis and the Estela de Victorinus from the IV century, first written testimony of the Christianism in Galicia.

What to see

Pedra da Arca

Next to Tines are the Batans do Mosquetin, an old linen workshop mainly conserved in the lands of Zas


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