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Court of the Trastamara Counts

Principality of the Galician Kingdom

Doña Urraca

Traba was homeland and court of the Traba Counts, lords of the territories between Ribadeo and Fisterra, and Kingdom of Galicia´s political life regents.

As they ruled the Kingdom of Galicia, the Trabas took charge of the education of the Galician kings: Pedro Froilaz, defined in the Historia Compostelana as Imperator in Orbe Gallaetiae, taught King Afonso V, and some years later Fernando Peres did the same with prince Fernando II. Later on, King Afonso IX and Queen Berenguela would live in Soesto, next to the Trabas.

Traba´s Church

Traba´s Church

Traba´s parochial church and Leis´ Manor House in Soesto, built on the old Royal castle, are the only vestiges of these lands´ noble history. Built in the XII century, the church of Traba conserves some archaic details in spite of the Baroque and Renaissance forms added later. Cardinal Hoyo wrote in 1620 about this church, telling a sacrilege made by a Scottish soldier.

Wild natural landscape

Traba Lanscape

Enormous Traba´s beach, ancient place of Royal games, is one of the longest of Galicia which is almost 3 km. long. Beach, dunes and lake form a great ecological interest spot. About the lake, it is said that the city of Valverde is submerged, flooded by God because of its inhabitant´s disordered behavior.

The natural area is completed with the coastpath to Camelle and with the mountainous Penedos de Traba (Traba´s Rocks), where some investigators locate the Aras Sixtianas for ritual sacrifices, described by the II century´s geographers Plinio and Ptolomeo.

The Galician geology dean, Isidro Parga Pondal, baptized the strange granite of the Penedos as Traba Pink Granite. Another mineral resource in this area were the old Kaolin exploitations in Nande, whose mineral was transported by cable car to the beach of Laxe.

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