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Homeland of Eduardo Pondal, Galician national poet

Monte Branco

Eduardo Pondal

The Bard used to walk to Monte Branco´s dunes and Balares´ beach, in which pier wolfram was transported during the II World War. Monte Branco´s natural area possesses a great ecological value because of its ornithological wealth.

Gastronomy and popular architecture

Monte Blanco

Ponte-Ceso is a reputed place for its diversity of gastronomic celebrations. Other important festivity is the international motorbike meeting, which takes place every August in Balares.

Ponte-Ceso´s outstanding architecture are Pondal and Amarelle Manor houses, the 1846 new bridge over the river Anllons, and the churches of San Fins de Anllons, San Tiso de Cospindo, San Martino de Cores and the one of San Vicencio de A Graña, which conserves some stones from the old Celtic Almerezo´s monastery, founded by Saint Rosendo in 867.

Homeland of Bard Eduardo Pondal

Casa Pondal

The author of the Galician national anthem was born in Ponte-Ceso in 1835. Graduated in Medicine, Eduardo Pondal preferred the poetry to his professional career. The Bard of Bergantinos was, both with Rosalia de Castro and Curros Enriquez, a significant figure of Galician Renaissance, whose work are one of the most valuable treasures in the Galician literature. Pondal´s house is by the river Anllons, where the poet received inspiration observing the Atlantic nature and the Galician people.

Eu nacin en agreste soedade, eu nacin cabo dun agreste outeiro
p´ronde o Anllons con nobre maxestade camina o seu destino derradeiro.
Eu non nacin en vila nin ciudade, mas lonxe do seu ruido lisonxeiro.
Eu nacin cabo de pinal espeso, eu nacin na pequena Ponteceso.

I was born in rural solitude, near a rough mountain
where the noble river Anllons walks to its last destination.
I was not born in a town nor a city, but far from its noise.
I was born near a thick pine forest, I was born in the small Ponte-Ceso


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