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Malpica de Bergantiños
Marine town of Bergantinos

Typical marine scene


Malpica´s ancient whaler port is nowadays one of Galicia´s most important harbours. Malpica´s importance seduced nobles like the Count of Monterrei, who conquered the town in the XV century.

The town was substantially transformed during the last thirty years. However, its original structure of narrow and labyrinthine streets still supports all the traffic from the harbour and quayside market´s commercial activity. These two places are the most typical seafaring scene: the strident screech of gulls, the rythm of the constant ships entrance and exit, men and women repairing their fishing instruments and nets...

Malpica´s sea is unexpected and dangerous, and many days in a year -specially in winter - the fleet cannot leave the port. In those stormy days is habitual to watch the waves jumping over the harbour dike, which has been successively reinforced to serve as refuge to more than a hundred boats.

Industrial power of Bergantinos


The quayside market is the other center of the economic and social activity of Malpica-de-Bergantinos. The recently captured fish auction supplies the local market as well as the national one. Life goes on in the taverns, where a large menu of fish and seafood can be tasted within a ambience of anecdotes told by sea wolves about the rude fishermen´s life.

The galician painter Urbano Lugris felt intensely seduced by this authentic seafaring atmosphere. He romantically reflected it in some paintings of grand artistic and cultural richness, wich are exhibited to the visitors in the Casa do Pescador (Fisherman´s House).

A privileged natural area


Praia Maior´s wide beach is a meeting point for hundred of tourists and surfers from every nation. Surfers usually meet in the Open de Surf de Malpica, which takes place variably every summer.

A footpath links the beach with the natural area of the Santo Hadrian´s cape and the Sisargas´ islands. On the edge of the cliffs is found the pilgrimage Chapel of Santo Hadrian do mar, from where a magnificent panorama of the islands can be seen. Excursions to the Sisargas are available renting a boat in the harbour or being invited to sail in the Festas do Mar (Party of the sea) ; During the third weekend of August, a traditional marine procession takes the statue of the Holy Virgin to the Sisargas while the colourful dressed ships make their sirens sound, happily. Other important festivities in Malpica are the Corpus (Easter) and the San Anton, both taking place during the month of June.

Returning to Malpica the Pedra da Arca is found. The oratory, as some people call it as well, is one of Galicia´s most significant megalithic monuments though it has been deteriorated by some treasure searchers. The necropolis consists as well in three megalithic tombs and another dolmen, the Pedra da Mina.


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