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Bergantinos´ tourist resort

Harbour of the Traba and the Moscoso


Laxe was the nearest harbour from Traba, homeland of the Counts of Traba, lords of these lands. The importance of this old fishing and commercial harbour is manifested in the town´s medieval architecture structure: the Rua Real, the Casa do Arco and Santiago´s Church. Built in the XIV century with evident gothic characters, the temple´s walls are decorated with some figures representing the Virgin in different scenes.

Traba`s Church

Iglesia Laxe

Inside the church of Laxe there are the graves of first Moscoso de Altamira, Trastamara´s successor clan in the XIII century. The victims of the shipwrecked Adelaide, collapsed in 1830, are buried as well in this church.

Main tourist resort of the Costa da Morte

Igrexa de Traba

Every summer hundreds of tourists gather in Laxe attracted by the natural beauty of these lands and by the welcoming charm of its people. Laxe´s long and white sanded beach is the favorite meeting point for most of the tourists, althought there are as well the solitary sands of Rebordelo and San Pedro, in Corme´s creek, or the one of Soesto, where King Afonso IX and Queen Berenguela lived once.

In the beach of Laxe lie the remainings of the cable car towers that transported kaolin from Nande. Located between the mines and the beach was found Laxe´s Geologic Laboratory, a European famous geological research institute, created by scientist Isidro Parga Pondal.

Soesto´s Landscape


In the beginning of the coastpath to Soesto, Traba and Camelle, Monte Cornaceiras´ hermitage appoints every summer hundreds of pilgrims. The hermitage´s cross was built in the XVII century as Laxe´s gratefulness for having escaped from a sanguinary pirates attack.


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