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Heart of Bergantinos

Coristanco´s Historical monuments

Sembrando patata

Ponte Lubians: Located in Montecelo, in Oca parish, Lubians´ Bridge unites the lands of Coristanco and Carballo. The bridge dates from the Middle Ages and conserves an old roadway. The surroundings are ideal for fishing.

In Nogueira´s village, in Seavia parish, there is an interesting gothic tower, remain of an old Moscoso´s palace from the XV century. Seavia´s church conserves as well some Middle Age styled forms, memory of the Traba´s old Benedictine monastery.

A green place


The forest covers most of the mountains and valleys of Coristanco, watered by the river Anllons. Coristanco is rather appreciated for hunting and fishing, specially in Verdes site, where several typical mills have been transformed in lunchrooms. Near the lands of Santa Comba,can be found the Alcaian lake´s natural area and the old Wolfram and Kaolin mines.

Bergantinos´ garden


Eduardo Pondal, Galicia´s most famous poet from the XIX century, sang this fertile land, barely populated in small and disperse villages. Coristanco is however well-known to be the potato capital in Galicia. This American tubercle which came to remplace the chestnuts in the Galician daily diet is exalted in the Festa da Pataca, "Potato Party".This annual celebration is organized in San Roque, main population center of Coristanco together with Agolada, where is celebrated an important fair once a month.


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