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Capital of Bergantinos

Monuments of Carballo


As ancient stone monuments there are the Pedra da Moura´s dolmen in Aldemunde and the celtic settlements of Guntian and Cotomil in Sofan.

Carballo has got several manor houses like the Pazo do Souto in Sisamo, built in the XVII century by a Santiago´s inquisitor ; Vilardefrancos and As Pallas in Artes, both built in the XVII century ; Pazo de Gontade in Ardana and Pazo de Louride in Rus. The interesting religious constructions in the area are the Sisamo church, from the XII century, and the Baroque church and cross of Rus.

Homeland of Alfredo Branas

Carballo is a modern town born when the thermal springs were discovered in 1716, although its current architecture dates from the second half of the XX century. Carballo is the birthplace of Alfredo Branas, great Galician patriot and politic, buried in the Illustrious Galicians´ Cemitery in Santiago-de-Compostela.

Carballo´s spa provided a constant affluence of visitors who came here to cure their skin and rheumatism illnesses. Three centuries later, Carballo´s spa welcomes lots of people who benefit its waters´ healing properties.

Carballo is the main agricultural exchange center in the area and a traditional wood supplier to Corunna. Some typical products from this city are the famous Carballo´s bread and its delicious pies. All the region´s natural products are to be found in the tradicional fair and market celebrated twice a month. Other famous event in Carballo is the Saint John´s night, on the 23rd of June.


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