23º Year - 5ª Time - 17/01/2019


3 February 1897
Giant waves and stormy winds take English ship City of Agra to O Canesudo, where it breaks in two. 29 sailors died drown.

30 August 1902
People of Arou get surprised in the morning when seeing a big ship shipwrecking in Lobeiras beach. There was nobody aboard and nothing could be known about the ship.

12 January 1904
English ship Kenmore tries to shelter of the storm heading to the lights of what they believe to be a harbour, but they crash against the Amean reefs. After 3 dramatic days, the 23 crew finally got rescued.

30 April 1911 Both English ship Trevider and the Italian Ciampa shipwreck in Cape Veo almost at the same time.

10 October 1927
French ship Nil shipwrecks in Xan Ferreiro reefs in a very foggy day. The 19 crew were rescued alive.

20 August 1930
Russian tanker Boris Sheboldaeff collapses in Pedra do Porto. The 41 crew were rescued by Camelle fishermen, but for one year they could not fish because of the neap tide.This is the last shipwreck told to be caused by the Galician pirates.

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