23º Year - 5ª Time - 17/02/2019

5 November 1883
English ship Iris Hull crashes against Ponta Boi in its cruise to India. After some hours being stuck on the rocks, the waves destroy the ship and the 38 crew die drown.

10 December 1890
English schoolship The Serpent drifts to Ponta Boi during a stormy night. Only 3 of the 172 sailors could safe their lifes. This is the biggest tragedy ever happened in Cape Vilan.

7 February 1893
English ship The Loss of Trinacria shipwrecks in the night against the O Lusin reefs and only 7 people of the crew could reach the beach alive. Some days later, the italian ship Brigneti shipwrecked in the same place.

19 May 1917
English merchants Chalton and Begun were sunk by a German submarine. After 6 days, the Chalton crew were found alive by a fishing ship from Fisterra. Nobody did never find the people of the Begun.


15 April 1955
French cargo boat Olimpy crashed against Ponta Boi and stood stuck there during some days. The 27 men could get safe, but the ciment carried by the boat was spread along the coast.

Portuguese ship Yale Fermoso shipwrecks in Arnela do Vilan spreading in Cape Vilan´s coasts 80 tons of tobacco.

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