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Cabana de Bergantiños
A witness of ancient Galician history

Borneiro, old Celtic Galician settlement


The Celtic Cidade de Borneiro, discovered in 1924 by Parga Pondal and Perez Bustamante, is one of the oldest settlements conserved in Galicia, built in the VI century b.C.

The castro is located on a hillside and is defended by moats and walls. The settlement has got more than 36 rooms in ovoidal and rectangular forms, with a minimum separation between the houses. From this place it is possible to observe the sea and the natural area of Monte Branco, in Ponte-Ceso.

Ao pe do castro verde,
ben os mira pasar ;
que en masa escura e informe
axuntados estan,
e na nativa costa
os escoita fungar ;
parecelle que soan
intrepido compas,
cuida que do combate
murmuran o sinal ;
en escadron formados
cal xente de Breogan.

Next to the village,
they are well seen;
dark and formless group
gathered they are,
and in the native coast
they are heard whispering;
it seems they sound
as an intrepid compass,
it is thought that about the combat
they murmur the sign;
in formed squadron
as people of Breoghain.

Eduardo Pondal.

Dombate, symbol of Galicia


Bard Eduardo Pondal declared the Dombate´s Dolmen as symbol of Galicia:

Agora que pasan os meus anos xogorales,
agora que so vivo de tristes suidades,
que cumpro con traballo meu terrenal viaxe,
e que a mina cabeza branquea a grave edade,
ainda recordo, ainda, o Dolmen de Dombate.

Now, my happy years are passing by,
now, I only with of sad solitudes,
I hardly can complete my earthly trip,
and that my head whitens because of the age,
I still remember, still, the Dolmen of Dombate.


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