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The quiet Xallas´ river fishing reserve

River Xallas, fishing paradise

Río Xallas

The land of Mazaricos take its name from a medium sized distrustful bird, characterized by a grizzly brown body and a long curved beak.

Mazarico, pico, pico,
quen che deu tan longo pico?
Deumo Deus e os meus pecadinos,
pra repinicar nos carballinos.

Mazarico, beak, beak,
who gave you such a long beak?
God and my sins gave it to me,
to peck in the oak tree.


Mazaricos´ land has a small population. Among the small and dispersed villages, the most important ones are A Picota, Pino de Val and Asenso. These relaxing landscapes are ideal for hunting and fishing. Mazaricos´ clean water rivers are abundant in trouts, especially in Argos, Beba, and in Xallas rivers, which comes from Santa Comba descending to the lands of Dumbria. The reservoirs of Santa Uxia, Olveiroa and Fervanza allow the practice of nautical sports.

Eiron megalithic necropolis


Mazaricos stores the remains of Eiron and San Xose do Val´s megalithic necropolis, dated in the III millennium B.C. The Mina de Parxubeira is the remains of a dolmen in which some interesting ceramics was found. The legend tells there is a treasure under the dolmen.

Some examples of rural architecture are the pilgrimage churches of Santa Marina de Coiro, San Fiz de Eiron, Monte de Coiro´s Chapel, and Marino de Lobeira family´s Casa de Arcos.


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