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Caión - Laracha
Gateway to Bergantiños: where the sea talks

Small harbour of Laracha´s lands


Caion seafaring village was mentioned by Licenciado Molina´s Descripcion del Reyno de Galicia in the XVI century as an important whaler harbour : in small Caion´s bay the bodies of the cetaceans were discharged to take advantage of their oil and bones.

A place to see

Beach promenade

The Atlantic waves splash near the houses of this little Laracha´s parish. Caion conserves some architectural vestiges that remind of its ancient importance: the Graxal Count House, Saint Xurxo´s church, and the remains of St. Agostino´ convent, founded in the XVI century by Fernando Bermudez de Castro.

Caion´s touristic beaches of Caracoleiro and Barranan have got good conditions for surfing. Near the village lies Baldaio´s natural area as well.

Nosa Senora das Miragres´ chapel gathers thousands of pilgrims from the whole region in a traditional pilgrimage celebrated every month of September.

More than sea

Feira de Paiosaco

Laracha´s land is important by its great agricultural production, which supplies the markets of Corunna. Paiosaco´s fair is the meeting point for people from all the region, especially of Culleredo, Cerceda and Carballo. The most reknown products of Laracha are Caion´s onions and Paiosaco´s delicious cherries.


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